Nautilus Vaults

Introducing Nautilus Vaults

Nautilus Vaults is the first product of Logarithm Finance. This is a strategy where everyone can deposit USDC to receive a high APR in stablecoins.

Logarithm Finance will build other products utilizing Nautilus Vaults' logic, such as Liquidity Shell and leveraged LP farming, unlocking previously unseen liquidity for market makers.

Strategy Explained

To start working with Nautilus Vaults, you only need to deposit USDC. Using Nautilus Vaults, there are no time boundaries for depositing and withdrawing liquidity. However, there may be a TVL limit depending on the market volatility. The vault size depends on the available liquidity to leverage on decentralized derivative exchanges. Nautilus Vaults aim to work with other exchanges to achieve the maximum market capacity for the vaults.

When USDC is deposited, the protocol opens an active highest volume LP position on Uniswap V3 with a narrow range and simultaneously hedges the volatile asset using decentralized derivative exchanges. Our backtest shows at least 12% APR for Nautilus Vaults.

The user can optionally select auto-compound APR for an even more significant yield. All payments will be made in USDC.

In the future, we plan to build other products based on Nautilus Vaults. We aim to create a one-stop liquidity management layer on top of LP-centric protocols this year.

As we are building a non-custodial, fully transparent, and permissionless protocol, we encourage other teams to build on top of Logarithm Finance products. Grants will be available in Q1 next year.

You can read more about Nautilus Vaults in the technical overview here.

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