What is Logarithm Finance?

Logarithm Finance is a decentralized liquidity management and market-making protocol built to achieve the highest available capital efficiency on the market by routing liquidity through various LPDs and hedging exposure to volatile assets. Logarithm Finance provides liquidity to LP-centric protocols to earn boosted yields while actively managing LP positions. The protocol earns auto-compounding fees on Uniswap-type AMMs and minimizes exposure to volatile assets by creating delta-neutral strategies with short positions on composable DEXs.

Who should use Logarithm Finance?

Logarithm Finance is specifically designed for market makers and DeFi native users who want to profit from market making activities without constantly managing their positions and looking for the highest APYs available on the market.

Nautilus Vaults

Logarithm Finance launches its first product — Nautilus Vaults. Nautilus Vaults represent real-time adjustable delta-neutral strategies hedged by perps on DEXs.

LPs can earn a sustainable 12% APR on USDC by providing liquidity to the vault.

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